Random showers and storms continue through the weekend

As I expected, the majority of yesterday’s activity kept west and south of our area. I just didn’t expect to see storms fizzle out that quickly as they approached east-central Ohio. I few places did end up with a few sprinkles but for the most part, storms just lost their oomph as they ran into the more stable air east of Columbus.

Weather forecasters must be humble people. Mother Nature rules.

There is not much that has changed since yesterday’s forecast. Low pressure over the lower Great Lakes region has moved little this morning. It will creep bit farther south and east today and pretty much set up shop over Ohio. With the low overhead, skies will be socked in with cloud cover and that will keep our afternoon temperatures a bit cooler than normal. Highs this afternoon won’t do much better than the upper 70s in most neighborhoods across the Valley. Normally we would be around 84 today.

While temperatures will be cool, it will be quite muggy today. Most of the area should be dry but a spotty shower or even a rumble or two of thunder will be possible just about anywhere this afternoon. It would be hard to say when and/or where rain or thunder might occur as any precipitation today will be very random – and it won’t last long. It just depends on your luck.

With a lack of any substantial sunshine today the atmosphere will not destabilize much. Therefore, we should not see much in the way of strong or widespread thunderstorms.

I’m a little reluctant to show the hi-res simulated radar since it’s done such a poor job of handling precipitation lately but it does give a good example of how random rain today will be.

The threat for showers and storms will lessen tonight after sunset. The extensive cloud cover will keep nighttime temperatures in the low 60s overnight.

By Sunday our low pressure center will have shifted more toward southern Ohio. Things won’t change much with our weather tomorrow – probably dry in the morning with random showers and storms in the afternoon. Like today, it’s impossible to say when or where with any kind of confidence. But, I do think there are slightly better odds of staying dry than there is today. Cloud cover will again keep temperatures in the upper 70s.

Unfortunately, more of the same. While it will be dry for most times Monday and Tuesday, random spotty showers and storms will be popping up and moving through the region. Anything that develops will be short lived and move through quickly. Odds for thunder will be best during the afternoon as temperatures warm up.

Less cloudiness will allow for some occasional sun which will help warm temperatures to around the mid 80s. The warmth will also provide a little more fuel for storms to pop.

The best chances for showers and thunderstorms will come on Wednesday with a cold front. This will finally bring an end to the wet and muggy pattern we’re stuck in now. Behind Wednesday’s front, high pressure will bring back the sun and dry weather to end the work week.



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