A gusty thunderstorm possible today

Sad news this morning coming out of Nashville, TN. Last night a large tornado ripped through the town and by the reports I’ve read there are at least 19 fatalities and many injured. The photos I’ve seen show extensive damage and several buildings destroyed.

Folks, I know I harp on this endlessly but please – buy a weather radio for your home and family. Nocturnal tornadoes are the absolute scariest and deadliest. At least with a properly programmed weather radion in the house, you’ll get a warning when most folks are dead asleep and unaware of the danger.

They cost about $25 – $30 on Amazon. (I don’t make any money on this plug.) Spring is getting underway and that means severe thunderstorms and tornadoes for us in eastern Ohio. Make this the year you buy a weather radio for your family’s safety.

A cold front near Dayton this morning will continue advancing east along with strengthening low pressure. Some modest instability will develop if we happen to get a few breaks in the clouds locally and this could produce a few storms with gusty wind this afternoon.

The threat is higher for areas toward the southeast, but a gusty storm here in the Valley can’t be ruled out.

NWSSPC DAY 1 OUTLOOK updated 11:49 AM EST 03/03/2020

High-resolution models suggest the best time for a strong storm locally is after 2:00 – 3:00 PM this afternoon. Wind gusts along the front and in any thunderstorms could be 30 – 40 MPH.


Scattered showers/drizzle will likely follow behind the front with a weak disturbance this evening. Any light rain/drizzle will be short-lived as high pressure will dry things out by sunrise Wednesday.

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