Sunny and mild through much of the week

Posted 8:24 AM EST Tuesday, November 3, 2020

With quiet weather projected through the rest of the week, today’s update will be brief. Temperatures today will still be a little cool compared to normal but I expect loads of sunshine and deep blue skies. We should warm to the mid-50s this afternoon for the high today. That’s just shy of our normal of 58°.

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A warming trend will kick into high gear beginning on Wednesday. I believe afternoon temperatures in the Valley will climb to the 63° to 65° range under sunny skies.

A weak upper-level disturbance will move through on Thursday. We will remain dry but you’ll notice a cloudier day as this feature works through the region. Still, there will be occasional sunshine and temperatures will be just a touch cooler.

Friday will bring the return of full sun and blue skies. Temperatures locally will rebound to the mid-60s.

It’s looking to be an absolutely gorgeous weekend here in the Valley. Sunshine will continue to dominate during the day Saturday AND Sunday. Nights will be clear. Temperatures will hover around the 70-degree mark on both days.

Warm temperatures in the low-70s will continue and we’ll remain dry and sunny into Monday.

While it’s a bit too early yet for details, colder air is projected to move in mid-week next week. At the least, this may push temperatures downward towards normal for mid-November.

As always, be safe out there today – and every day. Enjoy the sunshine!


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