A quick Sunday morning storm update

Posted 10:00 AM EST Sunday, January 31, 2021

Things are going pretty much as expected this morning. Snow showers pushed into the area pretty much on schedule last night and everyone woke to some snow on the ground. From the reports received, most of us ended up with 1″ or 2″ of wet snow.

There is a break in the steady snowfall as I put this together as an area of drier air noses in from the east. This will change later this afternoon and tonight as moisture saturates the mid-level dry air. As I’ve tried to stress in previous blog posts, it’s a long-term event.

Those who don’t pay much attention to the weather or get their forecast from an app or the big city TV might think we’re all done with this. We’re not even close to this storm being finished.

Snow will advance south to north this afternoon as that previously mentioned dry air gets eaten away. Some of this can fall at a pretty good clip at times.

Hi-res Futurecast Radar for today.

Also as I previously talked about, I’m a little concerned about that rain/snow line creeping north of I-70. Today’s model guidance wants to bring that line to near Dover which could mean a period of sleet/rain/freezing rain into central parts of the Valley. Folks in the central and southern parts of the area will need to expect the possibility of mixed liquid and frozen precipitation probably at and after sunset this evening. Communities north of Dover will be more likely to see snow continue this evening and tonight.

Again – this isn’t over. Snow showers will continue tonight and into Monday. It should start to wind down as we get into the afternoon and evening tomorrow. Below is the National Weather Service projection of ADDITIONAL snow we can expect to receive. This doesn’t include the snow we have on the ground this morning.

As the system pulls east of the area on Monday a more northerly flow will set up. A good portion of Monday’s snow will be from lake effect bands that happen to reach far enough south. With this setup chances for snow will be a little higher in northern parts of the Valley.

For those of us who would rather NOT see white on the ground, this isn’t going to stick around long. Milder temperatures will be here to finish up the end of the work week.

As always, truely local weather updates here and on Twitter. Be safe out there.

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  1. Victoria Christensen-Rankin

    Joe, will Uhrichsville/Dennison area not be getting anymore snow thus evening then?

    1. Thanks, Cindi. I try my best mainly because I live here too. What I see from out-of-town TV forecasters and computer-generated apps just isn’t good enough so I make my own.

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