Friday AM Severe Weather Update

Posted Friday, October 15, 2021

Today will be a different kind of day. It will be very warm and humid for mid-October standards. And, it’ll likely be the last warm and humid day of the season.

The odds for showers and storms will gradually increase as the day progresses. A shower or storm can visit at just about any point today but activity will pick up as we get toward evening. Any thunderstorm late this afternoon and this evening can get strong or even severe.

Strong wind gusts and heavy rainfall are the biggest concerns with these late-day/evening thunderstorms. However, in some instances, there can be some hail too. There is also some upper-level spin in the atmosphere expected today so we need to be aware of a low-end isolated tornado risk (2% probability).

A slightly higher tornado risk (5% probability) sets up just to our north and east. Parts of Stark and Carroll Counties are included in this higher-risk area.

The highest odds for severe weather in our area will be mid-afternoon through this evening 3:00 PM – 9:00 PM.

Showers and storms can continue overnight into early Saturday. The risk for severe storms will decrease after 9:00/10:00 PM. Most of the rain associated with this system will occur overnight. Some spots could see periods of heavy rain.

The highest odds for rain occur during the morning. Rain chances will decrease as the day progresses. The warmest temperatures of the day will occur in the morning. It’ll turn breezy with falling temps in the afternoon. Thunderstorms are not expected on Saturday.

Definitely more fall-like with cooler temperatures and breezy conditions. Sunday will be a dry and mostly sunny day, however.

Today will bring an unusual weather setup for us so be weather aware. If you’re headed out to a high school football game this evening be aware of changing weather. Storms CAN get strong anywhere in the yellow (Level 2 on a scale of 1-5) highlighted area above.

Updates and changes will be posted here as needed.



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