A Local Look at Sunday’s Snow Potential

Posted Saturday, November 13, 2021

Well, we all knew this day was coming. A clipper system will cross the lower Great Lakes region on Sunday and it brings along with it the first legitimate chance for some snow showers for the area. Actually, precipitation tomorrow will be mixed with rain at times.

EUROPEAN MODEL DEPICTION SUNDAY AFTERNOON: Low pressure will cross the Great Lakes region bringing the potential for snow and rain showers to the region.

While we’re not expecting this to bring any travel impacts here, it will likely snow at times – and rain.

While snow will be possible during most of the daytime hours tomorrow, the highest odds of snowfall look to occur leading up to lunchtime. Temperatures are likely to warm just enough after lunch to allow for a change over to a wintry mix, then rain. Precipitation is then likely to change back to snow as temperatures cool again in the evening.

Total snowfall could be around an inch or so of wet snow locally. However, remember that the ground is fairly warm yet so most of this will melt on contact with the ground. Snow could stick to elevated surfaces (like your car or your deck or your lawn) but the roads should just stay wet.

PROBABILITY OF 1-INCH of SNOW through Monday morning.

Snowfall amounts locally will be dependent on air temperatures. Any snow will be very wet and mixed with rain at times. Snowfall could be moderately heavy at times especially around lunchtime tomorrow.

As is usually the case, the heaviest snow will occur up north and downwind of Lake Erie.

National Weather Service Snow Amount Forecast

Temperatures will drop off to freezing early Monday morning so yes, there could be some slick spots where the roads remain wet.

This will be our first taste of winter precipitation of the season. Overall, impacts on travel will be low. (IF it looks like there might be significant changes I’ll post an update Sunday morning.)

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