Sunday Morning Snow Update for the Valley

Posted Sunday AM, November 14, 2021

Good morning. Today will bring our first encounter with snow for the season. This will be an update to get you caught up with the latest information for our area.

Wet snow showers will overspread the area today as a clipper system pushes through the Great Lakes region. The latest model data suggests that we can expect 4 to 5 hours of efficient snow production. Accumulation across the area will be variable depending on how heavy the snow falls and the ground temperature in any one area. Generally speaking, though, expect around an inch of wet gloppy snow through this evening.

Everyone in the Valley will see snow falling today. Temperatures will be borderline at the surface so this will be wet heavy snow. And, it may come down at a pretty good clip at times. Snow may accumulate on elevated surfaces such as your car, your deck, and your lawn. The roads are fairly warm yet so most of the snow will likely melt leaving us with wet roads.

While I can’t rule out light rain/snow during the morning hours, the main swath of snow will move into the Valley around lunch time. Once it gets started it looks to snow for a few hours.

FUTURECAST (simulated) RADAR from the morning hi-res model through midnight tonight.

Snow can come down heavy at times in some areas limiting visibility. It will be wet heavy snow too. The steadiest and heaviest snowfall exits east of the area this evening. Rain can mix with snow as the system exits and scattered light snow showers can continue overnight into Monday morning.

Since the ground is warm yet, accumulation should be minimal on roads and highways. There can be some mushy accumulation on elevated surfaces. Impacts to travel will be limited to wet roads.

The heaviest accumulation will set up along and east of the lake in northern and northeast Ohio.

Other than the snow, it will be a cold day. Temperatures will only warm to the mid-30s this afternoon. The wind will make it feel like the upper-20s.

As always, updates are posted here if needed. I’m also on Twitter (@tuscwx). Facebook booted me off so I’m all done with that.

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